Every Human Being Has A




The possibilities are beyond the scope of our imagination when we combine our genius and muscle. United, we have the ability to decide the future/destiny of all mankind and to remain the planet's dominate species - but only to the same degree as our united cooperation.

Join us. Become a universal member of the Positive Purpose Movement [PPM] by simply telling us about your positive contribution in improving the overall quality of life for all people. That's all it takes. There are no other obligations. All other PPM activities, events, membership levels, and resources are completely at your discretion.


If you are already living a life as a positive force in your community or you've already begun the training and preparation to become the future positive force your heart is guiding you to, the Positive Purpose Movement needs you!

We 'need' people like you. We need to hear and help tell your story. We NEED to encourage you, support you, and promote what you do - to the people who need to know IT.

Don't underestimate the power of the Positive Purpose Movement's message. It has an international appeal. It is diversity-rich and faith-friendly. It is a positive part of the 21st century evolution of urban human society.


Positive is the cure for negative. We all have experienced one or a few of the negatives this life can bring. If you are struggling with a negative (or two) of life, the peer support strategy of the Positive Purpose Movement was made for people just like you.

The truth revealed by your life's story of confronting your negatives may very well be the positive wind another person needs to soar and become an inspiring "community champion".

Don't underestimate the power of your own personal, God-given "potential" to not only improve the quality of your own life, but to impact others positively as well.


The Community Peer Program of the Positive Purpose Movement is addressing the mental health and personal trauma management crisis happening in our communities. The little-recognized everyday traumas of life are the actual culprits responsible for most of the negative evils in our community.

These 'negative evils' are bigger than our government. They are more toxic and contagious than the deadliest virus. It will take more than philanthropic wealth to solve the challenges we are facing.

It requires a unified commitment of all the "true stewards" of our nation - its CITIZENS. Our strategy combines the power of "total community" and technology to create peer matches of people from all walks of life.

This evolving innovation in urban community survival is a game-changer and eventually will empower both the neighborhood and the professionals who serve them.

Amid the chaos, there is a growing hope...